Through reading, character and core values, Playmakers is creating uncommon youth.

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Meet Coach Roz

Coach Roz creates teams and systems to change kids in a positive manner using sports and positive coaching. Playmakers creates a team approach to assist moms in the daunting task of raising today's youth to become uncommon men.

Reading After School

Playmakers reading techniques are unique in implementation. Watch kids having fun reading, assisting each other and learning at an accelerated rate. Coaching reading changes the playing field and creates wins in the classroom.

Core Values

Playmakers begins with a foundation of core values of academics, family, serving others and winning with honor. When our kids embrace the values coached, change begins individually and then throughout the campus and at home.

Donate or Volunteer

Coaching, teaching, fundraising and community service; We could not do this without your help. We are always looking for ways our kids can give back to the community - and for the community to support our kids through donations and mentoring.
Playmakers is changing the culture of the toughest campuses in our community. Contact us and hear what principals, teachers and parents have to say.