Thank you to the coaches who are the heart of our academic program

Our academy coaches are paying it forward.

On Saturday, April 29, we celebrated the hard work of our trained coaches. For our sponsors who have not had a chance to visit our program, it was an opportunity to meet these hard-working college students.

They show up and lead by example. They teach our Playmakers in training what it means to love, live a life of purpose, and to have the self confidence to achieve their goals. These adults of upstanding character are paying it forward, and they are the heart of The Playmakers Character and Leadership Academy.

What differentiates the Playmakers after school program is the integration of reading and character modules into our sports and recreation program. Our vision is to be the standard in after-school programs. Our instructors (“coaches”) are high-school and university student athletes who are recommended by their coaches and peers. As coaches they create motivation through inspiration and incentives for participants (VIP attendance at a college game, for example).

“Good human-relations skills have the ability to change people from managing others to leading others.” John Rampey

The Playmakers is a youth mentoring non-profit organization which uses sports to motivate at-risk youth to improve reading skills, grades, behavior and becoming more accountable individuals overall (character growth). Playmakers educates youth and supporting family members in core values of Academics, Serving Others, and Competing with Honor.

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