Playmakers Testimonials – A Mom’s Perspective

The Playmakers Program – A Mom’s Perspective

February 2016

What is Playmakers my friends ask me? 

The brief, concise answer would be an after-school program that incorporates reading, team games and discussions on leadership and values.  But that wouldn’t be the complete answer.

There is so much more to the program than that. 

The way I prefer to explain Playmakers to my friends is to focus on the way the program impacts my child and the qualities I’ve seen developed in him from it.  My son is a smart, well liked, well-mannered kid that comes from a very involved family.  But he is a 10 year old kid learning his way through the world.  He, like all kids, needs good role models outside of just his parents and family.  So we are trying to surround him with people he can turn to when challenges occur.

Playmaker leaders are quality people he can turn to.  They helped him with his confidence.  They focus on manners and respect, something essential to kids learning how to operate successfully in the world.  The program gave him an opportunity to build stronger bonds with his friends.  The program has also helped create independence through the activities outside of school.  The reading aspect of the program has encouraged his love of reading.  Playmakers is a program my son loves and looks forward to.  But it is also a program that I love and look forward to, for all the of the wonderful qualities they bring out in my son and for the life skills they are reinforcing.

Susie Glennan, Blanche Sprentz Elementary Mom


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