Playmakers Sponsorship Spotlight: VSP

vspVision Service Plan really stepped up in 2015 to make a difference in the lives of many children in our program.

Playmakers 2015 Summer Football Camp:

In their mobile eye care center, every player was given a free eye exam over the course of our 2-day camp. It was found that over 50% of our kids needed glasses or further testing to help them see better and, of course, help them with their football game. These services (and eye glasses) were provided at no cost to the players or their families. VSP’s goal is to support eye care in communities and for the kids that need it most. Thank you VSP.

Interview with Steve Baker:

Q: Please tell us why you chose to donate to our organization.
VSP Global and Playmakers share a common bond to give back… to help those in need… to build leaders for our future. In our experience, sharp vision is a critical and essential ingredient just as leadership skills are for our future generation.

Q: Why is Playmakers important to you in your organization?
We are aligned in our key objectives and also we both share another common passion: FOOTBALL!

Q: What have you seen as a result of your sponsorship experience?
We are making a difference in young kids lives, which is more important than any business result.

VSP Field Trip with Lil’ Pups – Leaders engaging our youth

VSP Global CEO Jim McGrann with some students.
VSP Global CEO Jim McGrann with some students.

During the school year, our Reading Program students also have the privilege of attending field trips to local businesses. Steve Baker from VSP invited a group over to their Rancho Cordova campus where they learned about how glasses were made. They then showed off their reading skills and leadership qualities they are learning in Playmakers after-school reading program.