School staff talk about having Playmakers on campus

The school staff that work with our kids during the school day get to see first hand the character shift happening on campus.

Hello Coach,

My students who are participating in Playmakers are doing better.  They are motivated to be in Playmakers and that has spilled over to our classroom.  Coach Roz has taken time to check with me on a regular basis regarding the students’ behavior and performance in the classroom.  The students see him checking with me and want to do well.

Maria Lewis, Fifth Grade Teacher

Prairie Elementary School

Hi Coach,

I know that all of my students are enjoying Playmakers. The work that you have done especially with Isaiah has been very powerful. Your appearance in the classroom at the end of the day makes a big difference. He has improved in class and is trying. Thank you for your support!

Tracu Matteson, Third Grade Teacher

Skycrest Elementary

Patty Horn, Vice Principal from Skycrest Elementary takes a minute out of her day to talk about The Playmakers Character and Leadership Academy.

I wanted to tell everyone what a great job Playmakers does on our site. Since we began our partnership with Coach Anthony and Coach Kyle, they have really stepped up and taken an active role in our kid’s lives. That has really provided the young men and women at my school positive male role models — and they normally don’t get that. Most of our kids are stuggling in that area and having these coach relationships has really enabled them to make better choices in the classroom. The communication between the teachers and coaches allows for more accountability for my students, and, all-in-all, we are seeing an uptick in moral and good behavior choices, and a down-tick in office referrals and suspensions. It is a really great program.

skycrest elementary thank you rotary

Download The Playmakers Creed to learn more about our program philosophies.

During the school year The Playmakers Academy meets Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, 3:30-5:00pm. During our Summer Academy, we are on campus half-days Monday – Friday. The students love visitors, come by and see in-person how our coaches work with the students.

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