Playmakers Big Day of Giving

The Playmakers is changing young lives in under-served communities.

Thank you to those who donated on Big Day of Giving 2018!

We raised just over $12,000 to help fund our Playmakers Summer Academy starting on June 4.

You can learn more about our summer program here.

The Playmakers serves elementary school children in the Sacramento Region

Our Character and Leadership Academy serves schools in disadvantaged communities where youth can get lost in a cycle of frustration and helplessness, especially if they are from a broken home. We are currently affecting over 150 students, empowering them to make positive change in their lives by teaching them the value of teamwork, and, sometimes serving others before yourself.  Read more about The Playmakers Academy here.

Why should you donate to The Playmakers?

Our programs are FREE to the students who participate. We build self esteem and opportunities for the students we serve in disadvantaged communities. These students are showing us every day that our program is having a positive influence in their lives.  Read a Mom’s story here.

See more videos of our program.

Where will your donation go?

Directly into our programs – field trips, Reading software, T-shirts, Coach Training, Sports & Recreation events, weekly snacks…all the areas of our program that need constant funding. Your donation will directly benefit the students — our Playmakers in training – otherwise known as Lil’ Pups.

The Playmakers also offers summer academies to students who risk falling behind due to an achievement gap, and more donations means we can bring students on the waiting lists into our program.

You can schedule your donation after April 15.

This year Big Day of Giving allows you to pre-schedule your donation. Your transaction will be processed on May 3 and be added to our donation pool. Our goal this year is to raise $20,000! This amount will cover funding for an expanded summer program in 2018!

On May 3, we ask you to support our mission of helping kids with a modest donation on the Big Day of Giving website.

Haven’t heard of Big Day of Giving? Read more about this one-day nationwide campaign to bring awareness to all the non-profit organizations working to better their communities.

Learn more about Big Day of Giving 2018 coming May 3.

Learn more about the early days of The Playmakers in this heartwarming Playmaker Story.