Playmaker Stories: The Beginning

You can learn a lot about The Playmakers Organization by reading the stories that have emerged over the years.

To watch our students grow and blossom into young adults who want to make a difference for themselves and others is a wonderful thing.

The Playmakers originated with free football camps for youth during the summer, while teaching them core values like being a Team Player and Winning With Honor. Coach Roz and his team use a character development curriculum to coach and empowering disadvantaged kids to make their path in life and not just follow others. Football is just one component of our program – for most of the kids we see, sports are the motivating vehicle to reach them – especially those who have never had an opportunity to play team sports.

When a child emerges and touches your heart in a special way, they will be forever remembered.

Many years ago during our summer football camp, the kids that needed a little extra attention would become Coach Roz’s helpers and get a shoulder ride throughout the camp. The shoulder rides originated when the little boy in this picture didn’t want to stay. He felt overwhelmed by how many children were there and told Coach Roz he’d really rather go home. Roz picked up the boy and put him on his shoulders. That helped a little, but he still wasn’t sure he wanted to stay, so Roz made him an Assistant Coach and gave him jobs to do. From that point on, the boy loved the camp and stayed all three days.

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We’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg, but we are already seeing a difference with our kids in the community. Businesses, NFL’ers, and people of character are coming on board to help shape our future leaders. Together we can make a difference, volunteer or donate.

Values and character components that embody Coach Roz’s principles from his football days are the core of our program. Our after-school programs showed results of improved reading skills and classroom participation. Our character-building curriculum was also making a difference at home. Although we currently have suspended our after-school programs, we are continuing to serve at-risk and special-needs youth and their families through Football Camps and other activities throughout the year. The foundation of our work helping kids with physical, emotional and social challenges is evolving to help where we see a need and build Playmakers Pay-It-Forward communities.

We love to hear from our “grown-up Playmakers” (former Lil’ Pups) who are carrying on The Playmakers “Pay It Forward” philosophy. They continue our “Pay It Forward” vision which creates tomorrow’s leaders.

  • Jordan Richards, NFL Player, Camp Mentor
  • Harrison Phillips, NFL Player, Camp Mentor
  • Andrew Murakami, Pastor, Church of  The Nazarene
  • Jason Martz, United States Navy (10+ years)

NFL Alumni

Men of great character have lent their time and name to our worthy cause of proven leaders.

  • Tim Brown, Heisman Trophy Winner
  • David Humm, two-time Super Bowl Champion & currently one of the Voices of the Raiders
  • Ted Popson, San Francisco 49’ers Super Bowl Champion
  • Jerry Murtaugh, New England Patriot and host of the Legends Radio Show
  • Phil Ostrowski, San Francisco 49’ers

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Coach Roz’s latest book: Coaching Character and Leadership. Playbook for Parents is now available on Amazon.