Permission to coach you, hard

I met a tremendous Coach in Omaha named Mark McKelvy. Mark is committed to bringing peer-to-peer mentoring into his team as he understands the bigger picture of using his team as a platform for teaching character, being a great husband and father. Coach McKelvy now has a “platform” or “congregation” of over 40 kids and their families. All coaches do. Here is what begins to separate Coach McKelvy from his peers. He now implements specific mentoring “Every Day Drills” (EDD’s) into his program. Those drills include the following:

  • Making “pay-it-forward” mentoring a high value in developing his program
  • Developing relationships with chosen leaders with “off the field” relationship teachings
  • Inserting LOVE into his program at a higher level
  • He is coaching hard on mentoring at a high and accountable level

I am so energized to work alongside Coach McKelvy as we travel down this road together. He understands that statistically speaking, our African American boys today have a 50% chance of graduating high school (less than that in the inner city and areas where we coach). Together, that will NOT happen on our watch. I hope you will follow along, comment, or join us in this tremendous adventure. Coaches can change the trajectory of our fatherless society where 2 out of 5 kids in our country are living in a home without their biological father.

Greg “Coach Roz” Roeszler is the Founder and Executive Director of Playmakers Mentoring Foundation. If you would like to invite Coach Roz to speak to your group, he can be reached at To contact Coach Roz at Playmakers, e-mail