What a Year — Mission Accomplished!

In the Summer of 2019, Coach Roz embarked on a goal of reaching 400 at-risk and special needs kids using a variety of community resources including high school leaders, professional athletes, law enforcement and fire fighters in 3 states across the country. That was the goal. What you see is the outcome of our camps in Omaha, Nebraska; Buffalo, New York and Sacramento, CA — Our Mission was Accomplished!

We are just getting warmed up, and we want you on the team. Next mission 1000 kids in 2020. Would you be willing to help?


The Playmakers Creed as recited by Jerome:
I am a Playmaker. I have been blessed with coaches who care about me, pour into me coach me hard and love me. Someday I may be a mom or a dad and I will be prepared to do my job and pay it forward. I am a Playmaker and that is what a Playmaker does. I will not tolerate bullying, speaking negatively about somebody or being unkind. Team means family.

Jerome won the Molina Volunteer of the Year award and he is ready to pay it forward by starting Playmakers Kids Board of Directors. You can see Jerome accepting his award here.

Our Sacramento Basketball Event was held on November 16 at Oak Hills Church in Folsom. We brought together special-needs kids from Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Kids First, UPC and the local Special Olympics. Members of the Folsom High School Football Team volunteered as mentors for the day and also helped with setup and cleanup at the event. Thank you to all our volunteers and sponsors!  #teamplaymakers #coachingcharacter #community
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If you have questions or are interested in sponsoring an event, please contact Coach Roz. Thank you!

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