Mentor Harrison Phillips – Buffalo Bill Defensive Tackle

Harrison Phillips is a Playmaker.

Harrison Phillips, Omaha PlaymakerHarrison Phillips, Omaha

Harrison embodies our mission and exudes the character we strive to build in our young Playmakers.

Harrison has been tremendous to our organization in so many ways and we want to express our deepest gratitude. We are honored to be by his side during his NFL journey with the Buffalo Bills.

Harrison Phillips has been volunteering and attending Playmakers events since his time at Stanford. He shares his inspiration for The Playmakers and how we are helping young people learn to be part of a team, coaching character and of course, having fun with football (flag or drills). Harrison has consistently been a man on honorable character, putting others before himself.

This summer, Harrison’s Playmakers will hold a Free One-Day Football Camp in Buffalo, NY, Sacramento, CA and Omaha, NE. In each city we have invited non-profit organizations that help at-risk youth and kids with special needs to spend a day with Harrison and other NFL and college athletes.

The Playmakers is lucky to have found such a dedicated mentor.

We met Harrison through another Stanford Football Alumnus Jordan Richards.Harrison Phillips, Omaha Playmakers They met his Freshman year when Jordan was a Senior. They played together and attended the Football Bible Study Group on campus. Now that Jordan is playing for the NFL – Go Patriots!, Harrison has taken the mentoring reins in California and Omaha with enthusiasm, and we are so grateful for all of his contributions to our organization.

You can hear what parents have to say about The Playmakers Academy.

Thank you Harrison, for your dedication to our students. We are proud to call you a Playmaker.

Harrison was interviewed on a sports talk radio station in his hometown of Omaha when he was still at Stanford. If you would like to learn more about Harrison Phillips and his football career, you can hear the interview below.

Harrison Phillips: Learn more about his history and his passion for helping others.

Harrison got into football late in the game. He started playing football in 5th grade. He played for the KWAA (now Millard United Sports) youth league on the  Chiefs. He continued his career at Beadle Middle School and then at Millard West High School. He consistently challenged himself to get better on and off the field. He would go in early to workout before his workout. He studied the game inside and out. He received 31 scholarship offers to play football. He chose his path to continue at Stanford University. The rest is history.