Making a Difference: Testimonial, December 2014

There are days when you wonder we are making a difference. Please indulge me as it was emailed to me a week or so, ago.

“How’s it going Coach Roz? My name is Anthony Escue. I wanted to thank you for what you had done for me a few years back. I had attended one of the Playmakers’ camps during a time in my life I am not too proud of.  I lied to you and I lied to my family, almost causing an incident bigger than I had foresaw.

Coach Roz, you helped me get out of a downward spiral my life was in when you intervened. It may have seemed at the time like you were just someone else telling me what I was doing wrong, but reflecting on it now, I realized that it was then when I finally understood that what I was doing was hurting others as well as myself. I feel like it was part of the reason that I joined the U.S. Army.  I needed to change and I needed discipline. When you visited my house with my mom and Grandma, I can say it was sort of my wake-up call. And if it weren’t for you intervening in my poor choices, I would not be the same kid. Thanks for helping me grow to be the man I am today. I truly appreciate it.”