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With your help our Character Academy can impact more young lives.

Coaching Character, Winning with Honor, and Paying It Forward are our core principles to empower & strengthen youths and their family relationships. We are seeing results of our teamwork, and we want to expand our reach.

In Summer 2019, Coach Roz embarked on a goal of reaching 400 at-risk and special needs kids using a variety of community resources including high school leaders, professional athletes, law enforcement and fire fighters in 3 states across the country. That was the goal. This video shows the outcome – Mission Accomplished. We are just getting warmed up, and we want you on the team. Next mission 1000 kids in 2020.

When you choose to support The Playmakers, you are contributing to something bigger than yourself.

Friends of Playmakers including Harrison Phillips and Jordan Richards (NFLers who are men of outstanding character), as well as many volunteers, have shown their commitment to helping kids overcome personal and family life challenges — and to give them a day to discover something new about themselves. We want to plant seeds of hope and encouragement, and build a community of young people who will have a chance at changing the course of their lives.

The Playmakers Coaches Kids through tough situations and from very difficult circumstances.

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I am a Playmaker. I have been blessed with coaches who care about me, pour into me coach me hard and love me. Someday I may be a mom or a dad and I will be prepared to do my job and pay it forward. I am a Playmaker and that is what a Playmaker does. I will not tolerate bullying, speaking negatively about somebody or being unkind. Team means family.

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Out on the field at these events the kids have fun and engagement – you can see their faces light up. It’s a great opportunity for the younger kids and they are inspired and look up to the high school athletes that volunteering, some who had a mentor that made a big difference in their life. This carry-over to adulthood is our goal – we are building a future of possibilities.

Contact Coach Roz at 916-220-1284, or email him here if you would like to setup a donation with our business office. You can also donate directly through paypal.


Folsom Rotarian Jay Alling attended our fundraiser dinner and gave us a quick interview.

If you would like to volunteer with our organization, a volunteer application can be found here.