We are a character academy coaching kids with social, physical and economic challenges

We serve some of the toughest kids in the community — those who might be lost in the system, come from difficult circumstances or be a youth with special needs. We seek out these youth so we can help them find self-worth and respect for others and their community. Through empathy and character coaching, we often see many positive changes for our Playmakers and the lives of their families.

We serve FUN! Young people need mentors to look up to and who can make a lasting impact our young Playmakers. During our camps, NFL mentors and High School Volunteers team together and participate side-by-side with the kids.

The Playmakers Organization’s fundamental principles are centered around:

  • Academics
  • Family
  • Respect & Character
  • Serving the Community
  • Winning with Honor

Will you help make a difference in the life of one child who is struggling academically, socially and financially?  There are multiple ways you can donate.

Jerome is a Playmaker

Jerome came to us a few years ago to attend our Sacramento Summer Camp. He had just experienced a major tragedy in his life and things were not going so well. Coach Roz worked very closely with Jerome’s guardians to ensure he felt safe when he was at camp. After a few weeks, a new boy began to emerge! Jerome was showing determination in the face of his challenges – which were many. Time after time, Jerome responded to our positive character coaching.

We are proud to say Jerome was awarded the Molina Volunteer Award for his accomplishments and his goals of working with other Playmakers his age to make a difference for them like someone made a difference in his life.

This is what a Playmakers Camp is all about.

Playmaker and Buffalo Bills player Harrison Phillips talks a bit about our program at our Buffalo One Day Football camp last June.