Civic Group Sponsorships – Rotarians are changing kids lives

sacramento RotaryWe are very grateful for the generous grants and donations we have received from Rotary International groups in the Sacramento Region.

Thank you to the Rotarians that help sustain our programs in schools throughout the region. Individuals from clubs in the areas near our programs get involved directly with the kids, from sponsoring field trip transportation — and sometimes free Pizza on a Friday!

Rotarians give of themselves, and support our pay-it-forward character-building curriculum. You can learn more on the Rotary International website.  If you want to get involved, contact your local Rotary Club and attend a meeting. Rotarians work together to make great things happen throughout their communities.

Rotary’s Ethical Code is part of The Playmakers character building curriculum.

Written by Rotarian Herbert Taylor in 1932 as an ethical guide for businesses. It was adopted in 1943 by Rotary International as the organization’s code of ethics.

The Rotary 4-way test of the things we think, say or do.

  1. Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?

Fair Oaks Rotary

A recent field trip to a Hornets Baseball game was a huge success. Thank you for serving lunch and shuttling kids.

Historic Folsom Rotary

Led by Playmaker board member Steve Azevedo, Historic Folsom Rotary has been a Playmaker supporter for 3 years. This group of Rotarians care deeply for Blanche Sprentz
Elementary School in Folsom. They have provided loyal volunteers like Mike MacAtee and we are now working on a summer program to assist an additional 25 kids this summer.

Rotary Club of Folsom

Our new partnership with Rotary of Folsom has enabled us to continue services with Blanche Sprentz. This Rotary club stepped up in a big financial way. We look forward to serving alongside them in the future.

East Sacramento Rotary

This tremendous group got us kicked off at Tahoe Elementary School in a new school district. This club is committed to reading assistance and much more. I look forward to getting Tahoe back up on line soon.

Citrus Heights Rotary

Our relationship began with a tremendous Rotarian, Mark Cimino who gave us access to his club. Not only does his club provide support to Playmakers but to San Juan High School as well (where I coach).

Rancho Cordova Sunrise Rotary

My club was the first club to fund our pilot program in Rancho Cordova, and have been with Playmakers for four years. Our small club has been the leader in caring for lost kids in Rancho Cordova. I owe much to Mark Ludwig, Dru Torvend, Mike Daly and many more in the club.

Point West Rotary

This club funded our efforts at Tahoe Elementary School and is the home of our CPA, Jim Fritzsche. Our new relationship with them is exciting and has promise for the future. Their President Elect, Rick Bixler is a lifelong friend.