Character Based Leadership

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Let’s Go Learn

Each student works with software that will accelerate their reading levels. The software reports individuals improvements over the course of the academic quarter or semester. The students also read together.

L.I.N.K. Training

Phil DuBois is a former Washington Redskin who works with athletes of all types and ages. Phil’s unique approach elevates mentoring to an art form. While training athletes to move well, he’s teaching them to live well.

Vector of Champions

Glenn Tobias has captured a simple yet transformative process for developing leaders of all ages, at all levels. His passion is to transfer the art of servant-leadership and the science of social influence to both young and old alike.

Part of our mission includes long term goals for building The Playmakers community. Starting with our grade-school aged kids, we strive to build a Chain of Accountability so that Playmakers of all ages can have a team of support for themselves and their families.

  • A younger kid checks in with his high school mentor regularly
  • The high school student athlete reports to his coach
  • Little Playmaker, student athlete and coach serve in the community together