Flag Football Saturdays at Skycrest and Woodland Prairie

In February, we held Flag Football Saturday and had a terrific turn-out of Parents and Players.

Parents were excited to see their kids play, and everyone had a great time! More recreational events are being planned at all our sites. If you would like to volunteer to coach the kids or bring pizza, we welcome you to be a part of The Playmakers Team.

Thank you to Coach Alec who arranged Flag Football Saturdays!

In February, we held a Flag Football Saturday game at Skycrest Elementary and Woodland Prairie Elementary. The kids had a lot of fun and we had a great parent turn-out. In the video, the group is thanking Harrison Phillips and Jordan Richards – their NFL mentors – for their contributions to our program.

flag football saturday skycrest flag football saturday woodland prairie flag football saturday woodland prairie

flag football saturday skycrest

A Playbook for Parents – Coaching Character and Leadership


In his own unique way, Coach Roz shares 22 Practical Quotes which he uses to teach today’s youth what it means to be a person of character. Coach Roz tells how his Playmakers program offers a clear base of support for parents who have the difficult task of raising their kids alone. Laced with humor, and undergirded by his passion for helping lost kids, every page is a gem that is bound to touch a reader’s heart.

Coaching Character and Leadership, A Playbook for Parents, with Donna Miesbach and Foreword by David Humm.

Coaching Character and Leadership, A Playbook for Parents is also On Sale Now on Amazon.

Sacramento State Football — Fall 2016

The rain let up and the sky cleared for the Saturday night football game at Sacramento State on October 29, 2016.

Young Playmakers from 3 area schools and their families were treated to a FREE football game with VIP treatment. They were able to greet the players as they entered the field, and greet them after the game. thank you to all the volunteers who made this evening possible and helped with the half-time barbeque.

playmakerlineuponfield_sm playmakerlineup-withhornet_sm

Our after-school academic programs are now affecting students on 5 campuses in the Sacramento Region.

Download our brochure to learn more about the Leadership and Character Development Academy lessons that are accelerating grade level reading skills and reducing the achievement gap for students at risk of falling behind.

The Coach Roz book that started it all…

Coach Roz wrote Coaching for a Bigger Win a number of years ago – it was the beginning of the character development program being implemented in our after-school literacy programs.

Coach Roz bigger winThis book is not about coaching. It’s about building character. That’s the bigger win.

Success in life starts on the playing field—where kids learn lessons that last a lifetime. The Playmakers summer sports camps change the lives of inner-city kids. Learn Coach Roz’s methods so you, too, can coach for that bigger win—at home and in school, as well as on the field. Whether you are a coach, a teacher, or a parent—build your team while building kids’ character. Coach Roz gives you 22 easy-to-follow rules….read more on Amazon here.

Greg Roeszler’s athletic career includes being a quarterback/punter at the University of Minnesota and San Diego State, as well as a camp quarterback with the Oakland Raiders in 1980. His passion for lost and forgotten kids led him to leave a successful career as a sales and management trainer so he could devote his life to working with at-risk kids. As Greg puts it, “I am a High School Football Coach, a Husband and Dad struggling to be the man I have been called to be.” Out of that calling, Playmakers Mentoring Foundation was born. Supported early on by a network of coaches and friends who shared his vision, Playmakers now reaches throughout the State of California, and is beginning to emerge on the national and international scene as well. You can learn more about this amazing outreach on their web site, www.ThePlaymakers.org. Greg, his wife, Linda, and their two daughters live in Sacramento, California.

If you would like to email Coach Roz directly, contact him here.

Tri Tip Dinner to Benefit Playmakers Reading Program

~ Online ticket sales have ended, please purchase your tickets at the door. ~
TriTipDinner2016 promo2

Our after-school academic programs are now affecting students on 5 campuses in the Sacramento Region. During our dinner event, guests will be able to meet our Coaches and the Lil Pups they are mentoring.

Learn more about the Reading, Fitness and Character Leadership lessons that are accelerating grade level reading skills for students at risk of falling behind and how you can help.

Playmakers Summer Football Camp 2015 Recap

sponsorHorzStripeThank you to the generous sponsors of our 2015 Summer Football Camp.

Porter Communications: Designed and provided promotional materials.

Douglas Taylor Photography: Provided photos to document event and post on website. You can see our gallery of The Playmakers Summer Football Camp 2015 here.

VSP: In their mobile eye care center at our event, every player was given a free eye exam and glasses if they were needed — at no cost to them or their family.

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Annual Football Camp 2014 Re-cap

What a tremendous 9th Annual Playmakers Sacramento Football Camp. Over 300 kids and 30 coaches enjoying football and character based messages.

Highlights include:

  • 25 kids committing to summer reading and being Playmakers “year round”
  • Two new teams (Mesa Verde and Highlands) coming on board
  • One team committing to a 2.5 team GPA

This week Playmakers will be in the Bay Area for a camp of over 500 kids and then off to Omaha for our youth camp.

Our summer reading/mentoring program is in full swing in Rancho Cordova with measurable results that will create better students. We will keep you posted as the results come in.

Thank you very much to our primary sponsors: Asher College of Sacramento, and Playwell. Your generosity allowed 300 kids to learn about character and have some fun playing football.

Greg “Coach Roz” Roeszler is the Founder and Executive Director of Playmakers Mentoring Foundation. If you would like to learn more about Coach’s “Winning With Honor” Philosophy, give him at call at 916-220-1284.

If you would like to invite Coach Roz to speak to your group, he can be reached at www.ThePlaymakers.org.

Permission to coach you, hard

I met a tremendous Coach in Omaha named Mark McKelvy. Mark is committed to bringing peer-to-peer mentoring into his team as he understands the bigger picture of using his team as a platform for teaching character, being a great husband and father. Coach McKelvy now has a “platform” or “congregation” of over 40 kids and their families. All coaches do. Here is what begins to separate Coach McKelvy from his peers. He now implements specific mentoring “Every Day Drills” (EDD’s) into his program. Those drills include the following:

  • Making “pay-it-forward” mentoring a high value in developing his program
  • Developing relationships with chosen leaders with “off the field” relationship teachings
  • Inserting LOVE into his program at a higher level
  • He is coaching hard on mentoring at a high and accountable level

I am so energized to work alongside Coach McKelvy as we travel down this road together. He understands that statistically speaking, our African American boys today have a 50% chance of graduating high school (less than that in the inner city and areas where we coach). Together, that will NOT happen on our watch. I hope you will follow along, comment, or join us in this tremendous adventure. Coaches can change the trajectory of our fatherless society where 2 out of 5 kids in our country are living in a home without their biological father.

Greg “Coach Roz” Roeszler is the Founder and Executive Director of Playmakers Mentoring Foundation. If you would like to invite Coach Roz to speak to your group, he can be reached at www.ThePlaymakers.org. To contact Coach Roz at Playmakers, e-mail coachroz@theplaymakers.org

There Is An Oak In Palo Alto

Spring ball 2012 is beginning or has begun around the country. It is a time of the year when most college football players make the team and depth charts are set. Spring ball is the time where kids rise to the next level or fall off and head home.

They head home for a variety of reasons: grades, competition, homesickness, or character breakdowns that embarrass themselves, their families or the institution that is paying for their schooling. Junior colleges will fill their rosters with some head cases that just didn’t understand the opportunity they had in front of them.

Let me put a kid on your radar screen who will not be coming home, except to say, “Hello.” He is beginning Spring ball in his sophomore season at Stanford and his name is Jordan Richards. I get excited just writing about Jordan. He is one of the most humble kids I have ever met and plays the game with his hair on fire. Richards is the real deal in every sense of the term. He is a student/athlete who understands that academics comes first. He played as a true freshman at safety and will hit you hard enough to give the ball carrier snot bubbles. If I had to bet, Jordan will play on Sundays after he graduates from one of the nation’s top institutions.

Each Friday I text a handful of kids who play college football around the country, wishing them luck and to stay healthy. I am so proud that whatever road trip they are on, I will get a text back from each of them that says, “Thanks, Coach.” Jordan’s text is usually a little longer as he asks how “the boys” (that I am coaching) are doing. He really wants to know how they are. He has the heart of a Warrior-Poet. He is a man who has a heart for others. He was built for others. Jordan Richards will make a difference on the field, at home and in the community, and Jordan will make others around him better men. He is the product of two parents who instilled values that Jordan learned and follows. Pretty simple formula really – establish values, and build character traits around those values.

Jordan is a leader in every sense of the word. I have watched him speak to our Playmakers in many different settings with a humble confidence that makes me proud. He talks of sacrifice, about putting team above self, and his faith. His priorities are in order and the future is very bright for this young man. He has already played on the biggest college stage and never flinched as a freshman, covering some of the best in the country. Richards is even a better man than he is a football player. He was recruited by Jim Harbaugh, and when Harbaugh left for the 49ers, Jordan never wavered because he made a commiment to something bigger than an individual.

Jordan Richards will play on Sundays if he wants to and if it is in God’s plan. You see, Jordan will follow God’s plan for him. When he is playing on Sundays, he will still answer my texts, show up when you ask him to, I won’t have to go through his agent to reach him, and I won’t have to pay him a speaker’s fee. He just knows that he is blessed, he has a responsibility to pay-it-forward, and will give all that he has.

In a day where we need heroes who can be counted on, this is a guy that is worth watching. Keep your eye on Jordan Richards on the field and off. He is an uncommon man who I am proud to say, “I know him.”

…Coach Roz

Coach Roz Is the Executive Director of Playmakers Mentoring Foundation, which is based in Sacramento. To contact Coach Roz, you can email him here.

This article was first published on 02-28-2012.

Leverage and What Kids Will Do

As we move into summer with football just around the corner, I want to show you what a group of inner-city fatherless kids are doing to earn the right to play youth football. These kids gather each day to practice football, but first they have a progressive reading and character tutorial. The video you will see is a “rough” draft for a pilot program in California that we hope to duplicate in Nebraska in the Fall of 2012. Here is what you are watching:

1. Kids ages 6-13 running to the front of the class to read aloud to the team
2. Kids teaching character and values based lessons that have been introduced by volunteer youth football coaches


We had a reading specialist with twenty plus years of experience observe this and say she has NEVER seen anything like this in all her years of education. This is just a sample of what kids who are motivated are capable of.

I am speaking to businesses and educators who want to understand why kids at this early age, with little to no resources, will perform at this high level. The answer is “leverage.” Leverage is simply discovering what someone wants (or creating what they want) and making it achievable. When you do that, people will do amazing things to get there. This applies to kids wanting to play football or employees who need to perform at higher levels.

Imagine what would happen if more kids were learning core values and character at these early ages. We would have fewer athletes at the college and pro level embarrassing themselves with character breakdowns.

We are committed to teaching young men values and character to make them “uncommon men.” I invite you to forward this to teachers, coaches and people of influence so we can have an epidemic of great character breaking out all over the country.
…Coach Roz

Greg “Coach Roz” Roeszler is the Founder & Executive Director of Playmakers Mentoring Foundation. If you would like to invite Coach Roz to come and speak to your organization, he can be contacted by email or telephone at 916-220-1284.

Published on 05-15-2012