The Playmakers Sacramento Basketball One-Day Event

On November 16, we are providing a Special-Needs Basketball One-Day Event for kids with physical, emotional and social challenges at Oak Hills Church in Folsom, CA. We are partnering with Kids First, UCP, Big Brothers/Sisters and the local chapter for Special Olympics. These agencies are inviting special-needs and at-risk youth to a fun day of basketball and other activities that will be adapted to their abilities. Mentors and volunteers will be assisting so the parents can just enjoy watching their children having FUN.

Oak Hills Church
Saturday, November 16: 10am-1pm
1100 Blue Ravine Rd.
Folsom, CA

Each child will “partner” with a Playmakers mentor to ensure a full day of FUN!

  • All players will receive a Playmakers basketball jersey
  • Games will be played at the church’s INDOOR facility
  • Music, food, fun and more
  • Special surprises for the participants
  • Families are encouraged to attend and enjoy the festivities

Burgess Brothers ChurWaffle LogoDon’t miss your chance to try the famous Burgess Brothers Churwaffle!

Jonathon and Matthew Burgess are local entrepreneurs who have built their roots in the community by giving back. In addition to their wildly popular BBQ Sauce and Churwaffle Brand, they are still active in their public service professions (Firefighting and Law Enforcement). Read all about the Burgess Brothers here. Plan to arrive at our event early to get a taste of all the excitement!

We are looking to reach at-risk families. Our goal is to give the kids a really fun, positive day away from the stress of their daily lives.

If you are interested in learning more about The Playmakers, stop by, have a Churwaffle, and watch the kids faces light up with a day of  fun designed just for them. Thank you to @SONorCal, @KidsFirstNow, @KFNow and @myUCP for partnering with us to make this day possible for the families.

This one-day basketball event is a follow-up since our Sacramento One Day Football Camp held at El Camino High School last June. The Playmakers are forming communities in the three cities where football camps were hosted.

Sponsorships are available and volunteers are welcome. You can learn more about our 3-City Tour 2019 which was the kickoff for an entire year of activities for each Playmakers Community.

Questions about Playmakers or this event? Contact Phil DuBois at 571-389-4094 or email

We are making a difference for these kids all year long. Our next event is a football game at Sac State. Follow us on social media for updates!

One Day Event Signup


Harrison’s Playmakers – Omaha, Nebraska

Harrison Phillips and The Playmakers are ready for Omaha and will be at Collins Field on July 6.

This event is CLOSED to the public but OPEN to participants from local organizations including Gomez Heritage Elementary, Parkview Heights Elementary, Nebraska Children’s Home Society, Special Olympics Nebraska, Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

We are working with local agencies and schools to build a Playmakers community in each of these cities for at-risk and special needs youth. Our football mentors will include players and coaches from Bellevue West Football, Millard West Athletics & Activities, Burke Football, and Omaha South High.

Thank You to our local sponsors!

Our gratitude is immeasurable that we can continue our mission of helping at-risk youth.

Gold Star Sponsor – $2500


Silver Star Sponsor $1000

Medicine Man Pharmacy
NP Dodge Realty – Becky Tindall

Bronze Star Sponsors ($500)

State Farm – Cory Juma
Reality Based Leadership
First State Bank
Paul and Pam Bails Family

Touchdown Sponsors

Runza, 168th & Harrison
Talk About It Entertainment
Fire Nutrition
The Lockerroom
Quality 1 Graphics & Signs
Hawley Orthodontics
Vic’s Popcorn
Krispy Kreme
Teddy Grahams: Friends of Millard West
Gomez Elementary After School Program
National Football League Players Association
Joe Croom: Videography and Photography
Jack Barna: Drone footage and photography
Jessie Addleman Photo: Videography and Photography
Katie Cowell Photography

This camp is closed to the public as we are working with special-needs agencies. If you are interested in learning more about sponsorships, please contact Coach Roz at 916-220-1284.

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$10 Tickets will be available on a first come, first purchased basis — get your tickets now before they are gone!

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If you would like to learn more about The Playmakers, you can follow our blog here.

If you know someone who has a passion for helping lost kids, have them contact us about volunteer and internship opportunities.

Greg “Coach Roz” Roeszler is the Founder and Executive Director of The Playmakers Mentoring Foundation. If you have a question for Coach Roz, he can be reached at

Annual Dinner to honor Playmakers Heroes

I am so excited about our dinner this year for a variety of reasons. The theme this year is “Hero to Others” and will showcase the impact of the heroes to our young Playmakers.  Our Playmaker and Stanford graduate, Harrison Phillips will be drafted into the NFL just prior to the dinner and that will also be something to celebrate.

There will be a room full of heroes at our dinner including Big Sky Coach of the Year, Sacramento State Head Football Coach, Jody Sears. Stanford Football Players Jovan Swann and Michael Williams who Harrison has recruited to continue his work with our young Playmakers. There will be some “older” heroes from the Jr. Rosebowl participants who we will thank, and one of the regions’ best high school football coaches Ed Lombardi will be there including former Denver Bronco (and Playmaker Board President) Craig Penrose.

My hope is that you will join us and bring one couple to our event to experience all that Playmakers is doing and aspires to do in the next 12 months.

See you at the event!  Coach Roz

Special Announcement!

Thank you to Practical Cycle and the Pedego Bicycle Company for donating this electric bike that can be used to increase your exercise level on the bike trails or around town. It’s exercise disguised as FUN!

Purchase tickets for your chance to win this awesome electric bicycle! When you purchase 2 dinner tickets, you will get a free ticket for the drawing. More tickets can be purchased at the dinner or on our website here and you do not have to attend the dinner to win. Drawing will be held in May.

Join us in honoring our Most Valuable Playmakers who are helping The Playmakers continue their mission of helping youth from disadvantaged communities through character development and mentoring leadership values.

Contact us if you would like to visit our program and see for yourself the difference we are making in kids lives.

Flag Football Saturdays at Skycrest and Woodland Prairie

In February, we held Flag Football Saturday and had a terrific turn-out of Parents and Players.

Parents were excited to see their kids play, and everyone had a great time! More recreational events are being planned at all our sites. If you would like to volunteer to coach the kids or bring pizza, we welcome you to be a part of The Playmakers Team.

Thank you to Coach Alec who arranged Flag Football Saturdays!

In February, we held a Flag Football Saturday game at Skycrest Elementary and Woodland Prairie Elementary. The kids had a lot of fun and we had a great parent turn-out. In the video, the group is thanking Harrison Phillips and Jordan Richards – their NFL mentors – for their contributions to our program.

flag football saturday skycrest flag football saturday woodland prairie flag football saturday woodland prairie

flag football saturday skycrest

Young Playmakers compete and learn about winning with honor.

Rancho Cordova, May 2017

The First Annual Playmakers Olympics, held at River City Christian Church in Rancho Cordova, was a great way for our Playmakers students to use the teamwork skills they have been learning. Playmaker Parents and Coaches cheered from the sidelines while Playmaker students from 6 schools competed at this end-of-school-year celebration.

Coaching Character and Winning with Honor are key components to our Playmakers Academy curriculum. You are invited to visit our program and see how our coaches are working with the students in the three areas of Academics, Fitness and Character and Leadership. One student shares her feelings about being part of The Playmakers Academy.

You hear what parents are saying about our program here.


Playmakers Olympics 2017

Our First Playmakers Olympics

Date: Saturday, May 13, 2017

Time: 11:00am – 4:30pm

Location: River City Church in Rancho Cordova  Map it

This will be our first annual Playmaker Olympics! This will be a FREE event to all Playmaker students as well as families. We invite you to watch as our young Playmakers show us teamwork and how to win with honor.

  • Watch Playmakers compete in individual events for their specific campus.
  • Enjoy some hot dogs and drinks!

We will have roughly 25 participants from each school:

  • Cordova Villa
  • Cordova Meadows
  • White Rock Elementary
  • Blanche Sprentz
  • Prairie Elementary
  • Northridge Elementary
  • Skycrest Elementary

Olympics Events:

  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Relays
  • Tug a war
  • Football Routes
  • Trivia

Event Day Schedule

11:00am -12:00pm Playmakers arrive

Have the kids have some free time to loosen up and get ready. This will help socialize with other Playmakers. Coaches will get to walk around and greet other schools. This will help make the kids more comfortable not only with their coach, but also other coaches. Reinforce our FAMILY values.

12:15pm: Playmakers Stretch

Stretch lines. Every coach is responsible to have his or her own school ready to compete. Make sure your kids know this is a competition, but we must display good Character and Sportsmanship at all times. Coaches remember we will be asking students to shout out our Character Curriculum.

12:30pm: Coaches introduction

We will group up all the Playmakers and have a guest speaker talk to the student (ex: Pastor, Coach Roz & etc).

Coach Anthony goes over all the rules and the standards we will be holding

12:45pm: Event #1 — Soccer Tournament

There will be 3 games going on at once with small goals. Each team will consist of 5 players, three boys and two girls. There can be more girls than that, but teams cannot have more than 3 boys. The game will consist of two 10-minute halves with running clocks. There will also be a five-minute break in between the halves.

Soccer Rules and Scoring

Only the 3 winners of the games will earn points for their team. The team that had the most goals scored will earn 3 points for their team. The second team with the most points will earn 2 points for their team. The 3rd team that won will earn 1 point for their school. The school that decides to not participate in this event will automatically get 1 point. Ties will be decided by penalty kicks.

1:15pm: Event #2 — Tug a War

Same rules as soccer, this is for boys and girls. 3 boys and 2 girls at least. We will have one rope and take turns going, this will be a short event. First place will earn 3 points for their school. Second place will earn 2 points for their school, and Third place will earn 1 point for their team. The school that decides to not participate in this event will automatically get 1 point.

1:45pm: Event #3 — Football Routes

3 Playmakers from each campus will participate in this event (2 Boys max).  The routes ran would be the corner, post, slant, and seam. We can have 4 coaches throwing at the kids in each different pass. If the kid catches the ball, they get one point for this event. Every kid gets 3 tries at each route. The school with the most catches combined will get 3 points for their school, second place gets 2 points, and third place gets 1 point.

2:00pm: Event #4 — Free throw competition

One boy and one girl will represent each school. Each kid will get 30 seconds to try to make as many free throws as possible. Both scores will be added to come with a school grand total. Once again, the team with the most points will get 3 points for their team, second place 2 points, and third place will get 1 point. The school that decides to not participate in this event will automatically get 1 point.


Eggs toss game.

-First place 3 points for their team

-Second place 2 points for their team

-Third place 1 point for their team

2:30pm: Event #5 — Character Trivia

Jeopardy game. Have 1 boy and 1 girl represent each school. Two separate games, one for boys and the other for girls. This will give us a chance to incorporate the kids who do not like playing sports as much as others.

1st place boy- 3 points for their school

2nd place boy- 2 points for their school

3rd place boy- 1 point for their school

1st place girl- 3 points for their school

2nd place girl- 2 points for their school

3rd place girl- 1 point for their school

The school to sit this event out will get 2 points, one for the girls trivia and the other for the boys trivia.

Note: A school may earn up to 6 points if both, their boy and girl win this event. This should be our biggest event because this is what the program is all about. All coaches must be engaged and energetic.

3:15pm: Event 6 — Three Legged Races

For this event each school has two in the event both coed. Scoring will be the same as trivia. We will have two different races, one for boys and the other for girls.

3:30pm: Event 7 — Relay Races

1st Leg must sprint 100 yards

2nd Leg must do 15 jumping jacks before running 50 yards

3rd Leg must spin 10 times before running

4th Leg must do 10 push ups before running

5th Leg 10 squats before running

6th Leg sprint 100 yards

Coaches must use three girls and three boys for this event. We need to use our integrity to make sure all our kids do jumping jacks, push-ups, squats, and spins correctly

3:45, Presentation of the trophy and close up.

Third place will get a cookie party and movie

Second place ice cream party and movie

First place Pizza Party and Movie

4:00- 4:30 BBQ and head home