Help Fund Our Academic and Leadership Programs

Sponsor Donations is how we fund our Playmakers Character and Leadership Academy programs.

Playmaker Lil’ Pups, as the 4-6 grade students are called, read 30 minutes a day during their 4-day a week program.

Each campus has the potential to serve 20 students during one academic school year. Students in our program have shown improvement in their classroom behavior and participation, and most importantly, are showing acts of kindness and other upstanding character traits. With their newly found self-confidence, these kids are improving reading and comprehension skills and reducing their achievement gaps.

Will you take the first step?

One donation can make a difference. Teachers are seeing improved reading and comprehension skills, better behavior in the classroom, more teamwork on the playground and improved attitudes. We are giving children a new perspective with positive character-building and empowering them to overcome life’s challenges.

sacramento optimistsWill you help make a difference in the life of one child who is struggling academically, socially and financially?

Sacramento Optimists and Rotarians have committed to supporting our mission.

There are multiple ways you can donate

sacramento RotaryPlaymakers programs are having a lasting effect in the community. For each new school where we can add a program, 20+ under-served children will get an academic, core value and fitness boost every Tuesday-Friday during the school year. Our programs are carrying over into the summer months so valuable education gained is not lost.

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Please consider a donation. If you would rather donate your time, a volunteer application can be found here.