Volunteer Mentors in our Community

Playmakers Success Stories

These young men of outstanding character have mentored our young students and shown them real life examples of what it is to be a Playmaker. One of our fundamental goals is to inspire more mentors in our communities as our Lil’ Pups grow into Playmakers.

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“You are a Playmaker for life, pay-it-forward”  Coach Roz

Jordan Richards, New England Patriots (former Stanford player)
Harrison Phillips, Stanford Football and poised for the NFL
Andrew Murakami, Pastor, Church of  The Nazarene
Jason Martz, United States Navy  (10+ years)

After-school program Coaches

Young men from the Sacramento State Football Team have been hired to mentor and assist the students in our after-school literacy programs. We are looking forward to hearing from Head Coach Jody Sears at our April 30 Tri-Tip Dinner where he is a featured speaker. He has been very supportive of his players who are part of our program.

Volunteer Mentors Welcome

Coach Roz speaks about Playmakers and how we can build character, instill leadership qualities and provide more opportunities for at-risk youth. Contact us today if you are interested in mentoring or sponsoring a young Playmaker.