Playmakers testimonial – Cordova Meadows Principal

principal testimonial - Cordova Meadows

May 10, 2016

My support of Playmakers is based on 5 years of first hand experience with the program, and for several reasons that I have observed and determined to be significant for the health and benefit of youth, adolescents and young adults in our community. I was the first adopter of the Playmakers program in our district. My reasons for accepting and supporting Playmakers at that time included the character traits that Coach Roz demonstrated and the stated goals of the program, which is to mentor students who are the most behaviorally challenged using athletics as the enticement and framework.

Five years later, I am as committed to supporting the program as I was on that first day. In the meantime, Coach Roz has demonstrated an impressive willingness and ability to modify the program to meet the needs of the students and goals of the community. This flexibility and his personal commitment to young people are the reasons that this nonprofit has remained solvent and growing when many others begin to drag after this length of time.

Currently, I observe that students are motivated to attend each day. I watch as college and high school students learn the art and responsibilities of mentoring younger people. I notice as community members are drawn to be benefactors for the program. Most of these community supporters become drawn to the program once Coach Roz walks them through a tour of a typical Playmakers session and it captures their hearts. The addition of academic support has also been an attention getting addition.

Coach Roz has always been responsive to my needs for his adjustments and partnership. Because of this, we have effectively problem solved the inevitable challenges that occur when working in the human development business. He has my confidence. Playmakers has my confidence. Other schools and communities would be fortunate to have the program begin and grow in their organizations.

Please contact me if I can provide you with any further information.

Thank you,

Joseph Piazza, Principal of Cordova Meadows Elementary, Folsom-Cordova Unified School District


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