Peer Mentoring

peer mentoringPeer-to-Peer Mentoring

Playmakers teaches “paying it forward” by helping kids understand their responsibility to teach and care for others because they are cared for.

Molina Health Care Champions for Change on Tuesday, April 19, 2016.
Molina Health Care Champions for Change Award Night. Coach Roz & Guillermo Barba (right).

Our boys embrace the responsibility of being the “Dad” in our team family and looking after our “Lil’ Pups”. No one exemplifies this behavior more than our Star Playmaker Guillermo Barba. He started in Playmakers when he was an elementary student, and the program has left such an impression, he came back as a high schooler to mentor the youngsters at Cordova Meadows Elementary.

You can read more about our Playmaker Stars here.

peer mentoring