Character and Leadership Curriculum

Snapshot of The Playmakers Curriculum used in our Character and Leadership Academy Programs

Course Hours: 72 for one calendar year

Session 1 – Fall: 26

Session 2 – Spring: 26

Session 3 – Summer: 20

With Learning Outcome Goals, we empower our young Playmakers to take on challenges and Win with Honor in everything they will tackle in their lives.

The Playmaker curriculum is designed to make “character” the foundation for each participant. Great character translates into a more productive student, athlete and person, in general.  Character is first taught in a classroom setting and quickly evolves into practical application in our sports and recreation component.

Our Playmaker leadership curriculum is based on “servant leadership.”  This means at its core, leadership is vision casting and making others around you better.  Our approach initiates leadership at the earliest level and carried out by creating leadership opportunities.

Our process is that of a coach coaching players for successful outcomes at a competitive level.  This means instructing kids with different capabilities to a specific outcome that benefits both the team and the individual.

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