Academics and After-School Reading Programs

Playmakers Academic After-School Program helps students overcome challenges in school, and on the playground.

Our character and leadership program has all the elements to help at-risk students overcome the achievement gap and social challenges.

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Playmakers is improving youth reading year round with our After-School Reading Program and Summer Reading Program. Reading program volunteers assist the students to maintain and increase reading levels alongside getting active with exercising out on the field. Boys and girls with academic and other challenges also learn about character — doing the right thing when no one is looking. Playmakers’ goal is to foster self-esteem and introduce them  to volunteerism in the community.

Our peer-to-peer mentoring program is leading the way in high school and middle school student/athletes mentoring elementary kids to learn to read.

We also hire interns from Sacramento State University and other higher education facilities. These individuals typically come from the teaching and athletics training and are a vital component to the success of our program.  Contact us today if you would like to learn more about becoming an intern or volunteering with Playmakers.

  •  Only 37% of the kids in our country test at grade level when tested in the 3rd grade
  • 63% are below grade level and there is a 70% chance they will never catch up
  • 46% of African American youths in our country will not graduate high school